Chapter #1.2=Melly

Last time Mint-cocoa met some friends, started a fire, got a job at the military station, didn’t have luck with girls, but later dreamed about Melly..the berry sim who was following him earlier. The next day,like I promised, I took Mint-cocoa to Melly Water’s home. He started chatting and developing a friendship with her..ya know before they start flirting.

Mint-cocoa: “What’s your favorite color again?”

Melly: “Red….didn’t I tell you that already?”Melly was a sweetheart and her traits were the cutest. She was a total green thumb ;D After they were best-friends, Mint-cocoa started flirting.

Mint-cocoa: “So do you like dancing?”

Melly: *day-dreams about Mint* “Your so drem-I mean yea..I like dancing..”

Mint-cocoa: “So do you wanna go out?”

Melly: “Yea..that would be nice!”Before you know it they were lovebirds, and Mint-cocoa invited Melly over every day after work. The problem was there was only a single bed. Eh, they could take turns! Clue #1

Melly: *makes bed* “Sigh..this single bed won’t have much use..”Clue 2) The gentlemen Mint is, he lets Melly take the bed then argues about it.

Mint-cocoa: “Arghhh..I can’t energy moodlet is lowww…!” I couldn’t take it anymore and since Melly was sleeping on his, I found a more cheaper,convenient solution: 2 identical single beds next to each other! It will have to do for now..

Mint-cocoa: *dreams* “Yes I got a new bed!”

Melly: *dreams* “Finally, I get my own bed! I hate seeing Mint suffer!”I bought Mint a stove because all his meals consisted of cold food.

Mint-cocoa: *sings* “Makingggg mac-n-cheese..thun thun thun thun thun…mac-n-cheese..mac-n-cheese…”Silly me forgot he was this is the result! Oh noes..I just got that stove. No more appliances for you mister!

Mint-cocoa: “…fireeee!”

Thank berry the firefighters didn’t come, I’m glad we don’t have a smoke alarm..phew! Or else someone would have had points deducted 😦I was worried Mint-cocoa would break something again, so I never let him touch the stove! To make him suffer I made him “work hard” at work and it really paid off! He got promotion…

……after promotion after promotion!And even some great notices! I’m so proud!He deserved an addition so I added a little nook for the bathroom. After all, Mint-cocoa could never pee because either the mail-man was in sight or Melly Waters was on the other side of the property.I finally got him that shower and sink he’s been wanting! I noticed that Mint was almost half done with his young-adult age so I moved Melly in. As you can see I did it quickly because 1) Mint was leaving for work 2) Time was flying by! Since she had no job, I gave her a job at the Bistro.While Mint-cocoa was at work, I watched Melly control her self. She quite the company, before her I just stalked Sugar Valley townies (hehe) She ate at quite strange places. I mean who eats salad…for their underwear…in the bathroom..on a toilet seat? When not at work, other times Melly would be a house-maid and clean every thing until pristine (although she didn’t have a neat trait..wierd). And thank berry Melly knows how to cook..phew

Melly: “Honey, why do just leave empty plates everywhere? Do I look like a maid!”

Mint-cocoa: “Sorry hun, I’m almost late for work…”

One day Melly got angry at Mint for not cleaning up the dishes..and he felt guilty.Right after, he broke the shower.

Mint-cocoa: *hums suspiciously*

Hey, Mint? You broke the shower didn’t you? I saw you! Don’t show me your puppy-dog eyes, you can’t fool me hehe! I was quite surprised when he choose to repair it! He probably took Melly and I’s scolding to heart. Or just  maybe the frugal sim he is didn’t want to pay 50 simoleans for a repairman!Woah, I’m shocked! This is a first: Mint-cocoa cleaning! I’m overjoyed. I forgive him for almost burning himselfself..he deserves a gifty!TA DA! A full bed and a tread-mill! I think he and Melly can finally settle down!Mint-cocoa didn’t bother changing to his athletic wear, and hopped on to the tread mill with formal clothes on!

Mint-cocoa: “I feel like superman! Is it just me or am I hot?..and sweaty?”

Paparazzi: “Gotta get some of this hot stuff in action on camera!”Speaking of’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s SUPER-nope false alarm it’s just a plane! Since Mint had a few days off work, he took advantage of it and spent it with Melly. Ignore the vanilla townie, what a creep! lol

Christopher Steel a.k.a. vanilla townie: “OMG! It’s Melly Waters..with Mint-cocoa…what juicy info!” *SNAP SNAP*The next day, Mint-cocoa decided to finally pop the question!

Mint-cocoa: *drops box* “Oh..uh sorry..wait a minute..Okay..there we go..Melly Waters you know i love you and I think its time….Will you marry me?”

Melly: “Oh Mint-cocoa! Yes yes yes…i love you too…”

Melly: “Its about time…”

Mint-cocoa: “What did you say?”

Melly: “Oh nothing..”Mint-cocoa: “Melly, I heard you-you wanna get married right now!”

Melly: “Of course, that’s what I said: Lets get married!”

Perfect *wipes tear*…the sun is even setting ;D Aww..Melly Waters is now Melly Scone! Finally we got Mint-cocoa married!I decided to gift them a full bed as a wedding present..And no surprises that they put it right to use…

Mint-cocoa: *pulls hand out out of covers to give me a high-five* “Thank you creater..high five?”

Sorry buddy I can’t give you a high-five, will a mental high-five work? Oh..I think I heard a lullaby…Mint-cocoa: “O-my-berry shes so cute when she sleeps…”

She shoo..go to work!That night I couldn’t help but take a screen-shot of Melly admiring her belly…Isn’t this sweet Mint-cocoa is dreaming about Melly while Melly is dreaming about the baby?

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Chapter #1.1=Trouble

This is Mint-cocoa Scone, the founder of my berry insane ISBI. To learn more about an ISBI go to my about section. For the fun of it, I decided to use the dice & randomly roll his traits (Besides Insane). His traits include Insane, Absent Minded, Clumsy,Frugal, and Ambitious. Although I did choose his LTW, which is to become an astronaut! I couldn’t resist, it was perfect: 1 of his traits was Ambitious.And I moved him in one of the largest lots on Sugar Valley, a 60×60. Let the fun begin!The first thing Mr. Frugal did was cut coupons off the newspaper.

Mint-cocoa: “Oh…50% off if I buy 2 expensive books!” That’s something to be exited about :O..I guess frugal sims will be frugal sims.While Mint-cocoa was fumbling through the newspaper, I bought him a few necessary and cheap furnishings. What kind of simmer would I be if I didn’t customize? I couldn’t resist, it already looks better!Mint-cocoa:“Hey, did you waste money on this junk?”

Oh Mint-cocoa..tsk..frugal frugal frugal.

Mint-cocoa: “I would’ve easily survived w/o it, the grass looks comfy enough..”

Okay keep on arguing, I could easily take it away! But I wouldn’ know me..Mint-cocoa: “Oh..comfy bed! What were we talking about again?” about you figure that out by yourself..

Mint-cocoa: “Oh yeah, I luvvv all the colors, this is awesome!”

That’s right. Sigh,I just love absent-minded sims 🙂So before signing up for the job, I wanted Mint-cocoa to find some friends, and particularly girls (a future wifey). So I sent him to the Salon.

Mint-cocoa: “So where are all the girls?”

R.B. Pop: “At the park, silly!”

Mint-cocoa: “Thanks kid!”

R.B. Pop: “It’s R.B. Pop!”The funny thing was he introduced himself to guys: mostly red guys. Guess he wants a guy friend. Then I noticed one of my sims, Sugardust Fizz! Which was when Mint-cocoa ran up to her for an autograph.

Mint-cocoa: “OMB! I’m a huge fan!”

Yeah right! You haven’t been in Sugar Valley for a full day yet.In hopes of becoming a celebrity, Mint-cocoa started to impress Sugardust..or rather fail.

Mint-cocoa: “So like I’m really wealthy and work out 24/7….”

Sugardust: “I don’t think so I never saw you around here, and it doesn’t look like you work out..I’m gonna leave now….”

Ouch! I never knew my Sugardust good be so hash! The day wasn’t good to Mint-cocoa, especially luck with the girls. Apple Martini was a no-no.

Apple: “Sorry I don’t like green guys.”

Mint-cocoa: “But your green yourself…”

Apple: *Walks away*Mint-cocoa: “Your as hot as bean stew!”


Mint-cocoa: “Was it sumthing I said? What did I say?”I actually felt bad for the guy, he dreamt of a relationship ;( I guess another day of girl searching wouldn’t hurt. The next day, Mint-cocoa followed Butterscotch to her home, and finally decided to introduce himself. Butterscotch wasn’t impressed.

Butterscotch: “Your cute…but I saw you following me. You creep!”Next stop: The Twists. It was the huge, amazing house that caught my eye. This time though, Mint-cocoa actually developed a friendship with Espresso. but, I knew it was a bad idea when he started to reveal his insane trait.

Mint-cocoa: *speaks madness*

Expresso: *speechless* “Yeah, you can leave now..I’ll call you..”

Okay at least he found a friend….Then we went to the next stop, the Creamsicle household. But whenever Mint-cocoa would try to talk to her she would go upstairs, so he didn’t bother. Actually he made the best of it. His mood was low, so he made himself some soup and slept on the couch.

Until Peach noticed, and kicked him out.

Mint-cocoa: She wants me!

She does, she wants you outta her house…Since Pear kicked him out before he got to eat his soup, I sent him to the Pier’s garden.

Mint-cocoa: *drops vegetables* Mint-cocoa was tired to I sent him home, and found that Melly waters was following him, lol.

Mint-cocoa: Gah…why is she following me?

So now you know how it feels, huh?Mint-cocoa was freaked out, so he ran to the military base to sign up for a job. Finally he fulfilled that wish of signing up. Work-out time! Looking for a promotion, Mint-cocoa decided to visit a place he wasn’t familiar. The gym.

Mint-cocoa: “So..h-h-ard…”*grunts*

I’ll be your motivator. Come’on you can do it! Mint-cocoa: “Gahh! Is that gonna fall on m-m-me?”

Try harder Mint-cocoa! There you go buddy! LOL>his face is priceless.

Mint-cocoa: “I am strong…grrrrrr”

Let’s not go that far…yet.After a quick shower, he put on his formal wear again and took advantage of the gym’s kitchen.

Mint-cocoa: “How do I use this thing?”

Be careful, try not whack someone with it. I knew it was a bad idea from the beginning!Spoke too soon, he didn’t start a fire but did burn those poor hot-dogs! I almost forgot he was clumsy..sigh. For the past days, work was the only thing Mint-cocoa did. And it was very exhausting for him, everyday he came home almost ready to pass out! One horrible, horrible day the worst happened. Mint-cocoa was so tired he didn’t make it to bed and passed out.  -5 already >;(This night, I made sure he got a good night’s sleep, and what made me smile was that he dreamed about Melly. I knew she was the one. While he was in a slumber, I searched for Melly’s house, and successfully found it! He’s defiantly visiting her tomorrow.

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Hey guys, some of you may know me as Ecofriend2! Yup, that’s me! I am currently writing Fizz: A berry sweet legacy story. I discovered this challenge from StyxLady, which has her own Berry Crazy ISBI. She along with other ISBI’s inspired me to create this one! I’m haven’t started playing, but I’ll created the founder and I’m setting up the site. So stay tuned! ;D

Mint-cocoa Scone

Traits: Insane, absent minded, ambitious, clumsy, frugal

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